BN Engines

About Us

BNEngines, Northern America’s premier kart engine specialists, based at Andersen Racepark in Northern Florida. A company born of success over the years by Bryn Nuttall and sister company BNRacing. BNEngines and its success come from the DNA established a long time ago; perfection, incredible attention to detail, knowledge and a passion for success.

With our high level of expertise and knowledge in the engine field and across motorsport, combined with the links our previous partnerships have created, the service we can offer our clients is unique and unrivaled. 

Attention to detail and search of perfection is applied in all areas of our engine preparation. From our custom made 3d printed engine blanking plates, beautiful engine graphics and hardware to our unrivaled perfection in terms of measurement tolerances and assembly. We pride ourselves on having have the best tooling and equipment available and with our soon to be delivered state of the art engine dyno, we’ll have a facility that’s unrivaled in Northern America. 

Success over the years has been vast, numerous wins scattered over the years including becoming SKUSA Champions, FWT Champions and IAME X30 World Champions in 2015 in record breaking style. 

Please see our services page for more information about BNEngines and services we offer